B-STING® joint injection needle
Ø 5 x 105 mm

Video - Activation

  • There is no material removal when the tip is screwed into the sealing joint; the lateral outlet holes remain clean and free flow of the filler is guaranteed
  • The solid material of the sealing joint surrounds the injection drill needle, thus holding it and sealing it at the same time
  • For further information on the process technology with the DESOI joint injection needle B-STING®, please refer to the STUVA ABI leaflet "Sealing of structures by injection", 4th edition - Part I/5.2.6 from p. 18.
Material to be used
  • acrylate gel
  • 1C injection resin
  • polyurethane
  • 2C injection resin
  • 2C polyurethane
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